At New Religion Brewing all of our beers are unfiltered, naturally hazy and 100% Vegan friendly. There are no chemicals and we don’t add Isinglass.

What is isinglass?

Given enough time beer will naturally clear, but in our busy modern world, no landlord or bar manager is willing to let a cask of beer take up valuable real estate in the cellar for a couple of weeks or more, while nature does it’s thing. The answer – Add a suspension of tropical fish swim bladders mixed with sodium metabisulphite (a disinfectant and preservative). Really! Yes Really. This is isinglass and currently the industry standard for clearing cask beer quickly.

What’s the alternative to isinglass?

An ever increasing group of forward thinking drinkers are coming around to the idea that beer does not have to be crystal clear to taste great. We all accept that a wheat beer is going to be cloudy and we expect a super hoppy double IPA to have some hop haze – so what’s the difference? Nothing. Its all about Education. There is nothing special about crystal clear beer and naturally conditioned, hazy beer has loads of flavour.

So, what’s wrong with filtering beer?

Well, filtering will strip out the haze and yes, it is a vegan friendly method. However, filtering also strips out flavour, the one thing we’ve worked hard to put in. Ever wondered why some cold filtered beers and lagers are tasteless compared to craft beer!

Will hazy beer give you a bad stomach?

No, Not if the haziness is caused by yeast suspension, as in our beer (unless of course you’re allergic to yeast).  Brewers yeast is a natural product and a source of Vitamin B and protein.

So, whether you are looking for a Vegan beer or not, given the choice, we reckon you would rather drink a great tasting beer that is free from fishguts and chemicals. Give it a go, you’ll be surprised. Keep a look-out for the hashtag. #nomorefishguts.

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